IMG Press Release: World’s Strongest Man Affiliate Program

An IMG press release today announced the World Strongest Man Affiliate program and the Amateur World’s Strongest Man series encompassing gyms, training systems, amateur competitions.

Following is the press release, verbatim from IMG:


Jul 18, 2011 - Source: IMG

Will Offer Affiliate Licenses Beginning Later This Year

Will Offer Affiliate Licenses Beginning Later This Year

The World's Strongest Man™ (WSM) and The World's Strongest Man Affiliate Team are proud to announce the creation of The World's Strongest Man Affiliate Program, Training System and Amateur Series launching this Fall.
Created in 1977, The World's Strongest Man™, owned and operated by IMG Worldwide, the global sports, fashion and media company, has become the premier event in strength athletics.  For nearly 35 years, the strongest men on the planet have come together for the annual The World's Strongest Man™  televised event, to compete in a series of unique and amazing tests of strength, to crown The World's Strongest Man™.

The World’s Strongest Man Affiliate Program will be available to gyms throughout the U.S. by providing an officially endorsed World’s Strongest Man training program. The training program is designed to develop core strength and endurance with techniques based around the WSM event such as the iconic Atlas Stones and Tyre Flips as inspiration.  A limit of 30 Affiliate Licenses will be sold in August and September 2011 with the next batch reserved until 2012.

Professional Strongmen Nick Best, Jason Bergmann, and Dave Ostlund have been announced as the Official Certification Instructors of the two-day course on Strongman Movements, Powerlifting, and Programming. This will yield one of the most prestigious Strongman Certifications this world has ever seen.  With an Affiliate License and a Strongman Certification, qualified individuals will have tools to develop The World's Strongest Man Affiliated Training Centers.

The date of the first certification, registration for the first certification, and the sale of the first affiliate licenses will begin on July 23, 2011.

Matthew Primack, Vice President at IMG Licensing said, “The World’s Strongest Man brand is an iconic family favorite for strength entertainment enthusiasts of all ages. It has been a stalwart broadcast holiday event every year since 1977, so it is with pride that we can announce this affiliate license partnership with 5M Investments that will allow WSM fans of all genders, ages and size to experience certified strongman training.  It is an opportunity for participants to benefit from a premier fitness and strength routine refined by professional athletes and made accessible to novices, amateurs and regular athletes, to help improve their physical strength and well being.”

Michael King, CEO of 5M Investments said, “It’s a great honor to have the opportunity to provide The World's Strongest Man training to the general public. Strongman training will no longer be limited to back yard gyms, and all those who have a passion for this truly incredible sport, will finally be able to train in the proper environment with certified instructors who will introduce proper technique and precise programming to daily training.  This unique opportunity will allow athletes of all ages and levels to absorb knowledge from some of the strongest men in the world.  We are excited to launch this program and introduce this incredible fitness culture of Strongman Training to each and everyone who wants to learn.”

For more information on The World’s Strongest Man Affiliate Program, The World’s Strongest Man Amateur Series, and The World’s Strongest Man Certification please visit:

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