IHGF Highland Games Workshop in Norway

The Fefor Highland Hotel is partnering with the IHGF to put on a Highland Games workshop in Vinstra, Norway that will introduce the Scottish heavy events to everyone who wants to have some fun tossing sticks, stones and chunks of iron. IronMind® | Courtesy of IHGF/Fefor Highland Hotel

The Fefor Highland Hotel in Vinstra, Norway has teamed up with the International Federation of Highland Games (IHGF) for the 1st Annual Highland Games Workshop, October 15–20, 2015.

Earlier this year, the Fefor Highland Hotel hosted the 2015 IHGF Amateur Highland Games World Championships and the first leg of the IHGF Stones of Strength World Championships. “Hotel owner Anne Grethe Horten has dedicated Fefor to furthering Highland Games in Scandinavia, and is already planning for the return of the IHGF Amateur World Championships in 2016,” according to a press release sent to IronMind.

“We are thrilled to welcome Francis Brebner as teacher and coach for the workshop. Francis needs little introduction to the Scottish heavy events community: In addition to being a former world record holder in both Heavy Weight for Distance and Light Weight for Distance, Francis Brebner has won the Braemar Royal Highland Games and notched seven victories at the World Caber Toss Championships. Now retired from competition but still immersed in the Highland Games, Francis is president of the International Highland Games Federation and, in the words of one competitor, “He has forgotten more about Highland Games than you or I will ever know!”

Francis will be covering caber toss, heavy weight for distance (HWFD), light weight for distance (LWFD), 16 lb. and 24 lb. hammer, weight for height (WFH), stone putt, and Braemer stone, as well as accessory training geared specifically towards Highland Games strength athletics.

“At the end of the workshop we will be holding an actual Highland Games competition! There is even talk of granting the winner a spot in next years IHGF Amateur World Championships!

“On behalf of Fefor and IHGF we wish you welcome!

“Fefor Highland Hotel is offering a package price in celebration of the workshop's first year. 

The package includes room and board + workshop for 750 NOK (about US$100) per day.

For attending this workshop and booking a room, please contact:

Bear Siragusa
+47 463 48 980

For more information on the IHGF workshop at the Fefor Highland Hotel ,please contact:

Francis Brebner
+1 949 212 4169

In Europe:
Bear Siragusa
+47 463 48 980

For more information about the Fefor Highland Hotel, please follow this link.


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