IHGF Budapest Highland Games Championships

Francis Brebner has filed a report with IronMind on the IHGF Budapest Highland Games.

Here’s the lineup of competitors for the 2014 IHGF Budapest Highland Games Championships.  IronMind® | Courtesy of IHGF
Here’s the lineup of competitors for the 2014 IHGF Budapest Highland Games Championships.  IronMind® | Courtesy of IHGF

2014 IHGF Budapest Highland Games Championships
by Francis Brebner

The IHGF Budapest Highland Games Championships had a lineup of ten athletes, with competitors coming from Australia, Japan, Venezuela, Holland, Germany, Austria, Romania and Hungary.  With perfect weather the first day, the Budapest Highland Games Championships  attracted lot of spectators from all over city.

The first event was the 29-lb. Hungarian hammer and Austrian Martin Schiller won while setting a personal best in this event with a distance of 74’ 8”.   in second place was Hungary’s Adam Darazs with a distance of 66’ 7”, and in third place Gregor Urbanowicz of Australia with 65’ 2”.

The second event, the 44-lb. weight for height, was dominated by Hans Dieter Dorow of Germany with a winning height of 15’ 8-¾ ” and for second place there was a four-way tie at 15’ 1”:  Martin Schiller, Sandor Cortian (Romania), Edward Carrizo (Austria) and  Rayjumnd Mengyi (Hungary).

Moving onto the signature event of Highland games, the caber toss with a caber that was 110-lb. in weight and 4.2 m long, again it was Germany’s Dorow who won with three perfect 12 o’clock tosses.  Robert Meszaros of Hungary placed second with two twelve o’clock tosses, with Australian Urbanovicz in third with one twelve o’clock toss.

In the 8.4-kg Braemar stone putt, the Masters Shot Put World Championships bronze medalist Edward Carizzo  of Venezuela won with a putt of 41’ 1- ½ ” and for second place it was a close tussle between Shiller and Darazs  with Schiller just pulling off the second place with a putt of 38’11”.   Third place was Darazs with 38’ 3”.

The final event was the Atlas stones, which weighed 100, 120, 122, 136 kg, and all had to be lifted onto a 122 cm  high platform in the fastest time which was won by Darazs who lifted all four stones.  In second place was Rajmond Mengyi of Hungary lifting, who lifted three stones.  In third place Wulbert Stam of Holland.

Overall Places
1. Adam Darazs            
2. Hans Dieter Dorow
3. Martin Schiller        
4. Grzegorz Urbanovic 
5. Robert Meszaros          
6. Rajmond Mengyi
7. Edward Carizzo 
8. Wulbert Stam
9. Kengo Kubota
10. Sandor Cortain

Adam Darazs, the CEO of the IHGF, said "The competition went very well and was well received by the large following of Highland games fans that support the games where ever we organize them in Hungary.  This competition was supported by the Robert Burns International Foundation and was filmed for European TV.  This year we made the first steps towards a major competition in Hungary soon."


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