IFSAs Atlantic Giant '99...

Regin Vagadal announced his list of competitors today for "The Atlantic Giant '99" strongman contest to be held May 15th and 16th in the Faroe Islands. The start list includes some of the biggest names on the international strongman circuit, and features the '98 "World's Strongest Man" (WSM) winner, Magnus Samuelson, and the '97 WSM winner, Jouko Ahola:

1. Magnus Samuelsson (Sweden)

2. Jouko Ahola (Finland)

3. Regin Vagadal (Faroe Islands)

4. Torvi Olafson (Iceland)

5. Berend Veneberg (The Netherlands)

6. Laszlo Fekete (Hungary)

7. Torben Sorensen (Denmark)

8. Hugo Girard (Canada)

1989 WSM winner Jamie Reeves (UK) will be the referee.

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