IFSA in Dubai: Events and Next Step

IFSA is kicking off its 2006 Grand Prix season in Dubai April 21 - 23 and IronMind® has just received the events.

1. Truck Pull
2. Power Stairs: 200 kg - 220 kg - 240 kg; six stairs, three meters height from first step
3. Loading Race: 5 boxes, 100 kg each; 120-cm high platform
4. Log Lift: 120 kg for reps, 75-second time limit
5. Wheelbarrow: 320-kg car, 20-meter course
6. Farmer's Walk: 150 kg per hand, 60-meter course
7. Tire Flip: 380-kg, 180-cm tire; 20-meter course
8. Medley: three tire flips; 15-meter farmer's walk, load two 100-kg boxes

IFSA Director Marcel Mostert told IronMind® that he is very happy to have "the most top guys in the world in Dubai to show the Middle East our strength in the world! Saudi Arabia is a new country," with a competitor in the Dubai contest, and his results will be followed especially closely, Mostert explained, since IFSA has a grand prix scheduled for Jeddah on July 28th, "the first ever in Saudi Arabia."

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