IFSA World Championships Set

A high-ranking source close to the negotiations told IronMind® that the deal for the 2007 IFSA World Championships is "signed and done."

This news will make a big splash in the strongman world, where the recent feeling was that IFSA was quietly folding its tent and leaving the field. Instead, IFSA now seems to have regained its legs and if anything, is going into the remainder of this season in better shape than last year.

"The turning point was Iceland last year," an insider told IronMind®, referring to the 2006 IFSA World Championships, a seemingly last-minute affair that was the apparent result of the combined efforts of Magnus Ver Magnusson, Douglas Edmunds and Christian Fennell.

In terms of IFSA's survival, even more important than the contest itself merely being held, was the subsequent distribution of the resulting TV programs and by all appearances, IFSA is very happy with its success in this arena.

IronMind® can't announce the details of the 2007 IFSA World Championships yet, but we have been cleared to say that the contest will be held in September, "in a sunny location."

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