IFSA World Championships: Day 1

The results after Day One are:

Zydrunas Savickas 55 points
Raimonds Bergmanis 51 points
Vidas Blekaitis 50.5 points
Robert Szchepanski 43 points
Vasyl Virastyuk 43 points
Mikhail Koklyaev 42.5 points
Andrus Murumets 39 points
Phil Pfister 35.5 points
Tomi Lotta 35.5 points
Geoff Dolan 28.5 points
Mark Felix 23.5 points
Magnus Samuelsson 22.5 points
Travis Ortmayer 21.5 points
Igor Pedan 14.5 points
Svend Karlsen 14 points (injured)

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