IFSA: "We're Going 100 Miles Per Hour"

In an effort to bring strongman to the level of truly global recognition, IFSA has been in serious discussions with investors who would not only bring additional money into the sport, but would also provide a higher level of business expertise. "We're going 100 miles per hour at the moment," said IFSA founder Douglas Edmunds today, describing a number of major IFSA initiatives, the most fundamental of which is the possibility of restructuring professional strongman's organizing body into IFSA Holdings, which would have the goal of bringing strongman to the same level as any other major international sport. Edmunds said that unlike past efforts by people who were unwelcome and motivated by their interest in merely taking over strongman from its founders, this group of investors and the expansion program that would result if the deal goes through has been championed by IFSA, whose key members are eager to see it succeed. "We are committed to bringing professional strongman to the level of visibility that would give it household-name status," Edmunds said.

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