IFSA-USA: The Battle of Muscle Beach

As part of the 2004 IFSA-USA championship series, The Battle of Muscle Beach will test some of the top American strongmen, as they work their way toward the 2004 World's Strongest Man contest.

What better place than Venice Beach, California for a strongman competition, so mark your calendars for May 1, 2004 and plan to be there for this bound-to-be-great strongman contest.

Events are subject to change, but here's what is planned: 1) Farmer's walk (about 770 pounds total, maximum distance); 2) Log lift (approximately 330 pounds; from the ground to overhead for maximum reps in 90 seconds); 3) Power medley (tire flip, carry or drag, power stairs); 4) Giant pole deadlift (for maximum weight); 5) Super yoke (maximum weight for 15 feet); 6) Stones (308-, 312-, 330-, 352- and 385-pounds, loaded for time).

To register or for more details, please contact: Odd Haugen (odd@apexfitness.com) or Julia Haugen (contactjulia@hotmail.com).

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