IFSA USA Nationals: Start List . . . Stage Names

Saying it will be "the most competitive US Nationals so far," ASC president Dione Wessels told IronMind today that she already has confirmed entries from The Hammer, The Strait Jacket, The Freak Show and The Wolverine - the IFSA stage names for Van Hatfield, Steve Kirit, Jon Andersen and Phil Pfister, respectively.

Stage names or not, Steve Kirit is the 2002 and 2003 US national champion and Van Hatfield is the defending champion, and Jon Andersen and Phil Pfister are also considered to be among the very best American strongmen. In addition, Travis Ortmayer, who has moved from NAS to the pro ranks without missing a beat, and Steve Mac Donald, who Wessels said she also expects to do very well, have confirmed their entries, according to Wessels.

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