IFSA-USA Nationals: Prize Money and Events

The top five finishers in the IFSA-USA Nationals will earn $8500, $6500, $4500, $3500, and $2500, respectively, as well winning invitations to compete in this year's World's Strongest Man contest.

The semi-finals will be held at Harrah's in St. Louis on Friday night, August 9th, and while IFSA-USA president Jim Davis cautioned that events are subject to change, due to sponsorship, the current plan has three events scheduled: axle bar clean and press for reps (about 285 pounds), medley (elements not yet finalized), and car deadlift for reps (about 600 pounds, no straps).

The top 12 competitors will go on to Saturday's finals, which will have events very much like last year, according to Davis: Hercules Hold, Conan's Wheel, Stones, Girl Squat, Car Flip, Wheelbarrow.

In his fourth year of raising money for the Children's Miracle Network, Davis hopes to donate another $30,000 from this year's contest, and this contest gives American strongman fans and competitors to be part of a tremendous strongman event. Mark your calendars now and plan to be in St. Louis for all the action. For additional details, keep your eye on the official IFSA-USA website.

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