IFSA USA Championships

Apologizing "in advance for the rush and the delays," Dione Wessels has just sent out the entry forms for the IFSA USA Championships, which are scheduled for July 30 - 31 at the Orleans Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The contest is set up with the first day being a qualifier, and the top 12 competitors will advance to the finals.

The qualifying events are listed as:

Vehicle deadlift: approximately 705 pounds for reps
Shield carry for time: 75 meters
Log clean and press: 275 pounds for reps
Yoke race: 410 kg/25 meters, for time

Events listed for the final are:

Truck pull: "about 35 meters"
Maximum log press: 280-, 310-, 330-, and 360-pound logs; 90 second time limit
Hercules Hold: "two vehicles"
Keg toss: 40-, 50-, 58-, 64-, 68- and 70-pound kegs; for height
Atlas Stones: 260 to 385 pounds

The total prize list has been announced as $20,000.

"I am expecting this year's IFSA-USA national's to be the most competitive it has been in years! To make the top six will not be an easy task for any of the athletes. There are several new guys coming along, that are not only great athletes, but they are also young, fast, and hungry," said Dione Wessels.

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