IFSA-USA (ASC) National Qualifiers

It's the "third and final leg" of the IFSA-USA (ASC) national qualifier, so the Pacifico Ford Liberty Strongman Classic also is a stepping stone to the IFSA World Championships.

Scheduled for June 30 and July 1 at the Lagoon Hotel in Essington, Pennsylvania and at the Daniel S. Frawley Stadium, "over 20 ASC professionals will vie for the final five spots in this year's ASC Nationals scheduled for July 20 in Columbia, South Carolina and the right to move on to the IFSA World Championships scheduled for the fall of 2006," not to mention a piece of the $10,000 in cash and prizes that is up for grabs.

Steve Kirit, Van Hatfield, Jon Andersen, Travis Ortmayer and Walt Gogola are "expected to compete."

The events are: deadlift for reps, Conan's wheel, log lift for reps, yoke walk, truck pull and Atlas stones.

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