IFSA Team World Championships: The Finals

IFSA USA President Dione Wessels filed the following report on the finals from the IFSA Team World Championships.

"In the finals, It is Team Europe VS. Team Pan-America. The first event was the MHP Stones. Team USA sends out Travis Ortmayer for the first four stones, and he fails on the fifth, so he tags out with Jon Andersen. Jon takes a little more time, and loads the fifth stone, and then he tags in Van Hatfield for the sixth stone. Van loads the sixth stone in 90 seconds. For Team Europe, they send out Andrus Muremets for the first five stones, and then he tags Raimonds Bergmanis for the sixth stone. Together, they complete all six stones in a time of 69.32 seconds.

"The second event is the Wrestling. Van Hatfield and Andrus Murumets go head to head for all three matches. Van wins the first of three, Andrus wins the second, and Van wins the third, giving the win to Team Pan-America. The score is now tied one to one.

"The third event is the three man log lift for reps. and Team Europe sends out Zydrunas, Heinz, and Raimonds. They complete 10 repetitions. Team Pan-America sends out Van Hatfield, Jon Andersen, and Geoff Dolan. The three guys complete 10 repetitions before Geoff steps out and Travis Ortmayer steps in. These three complete three more reps and ties the record for thirteen repetitions and for the win. Team Pan-am is now up with two event wins to one.

"The fourth event is the two man Stone Carry. Andrus and Raimonds complete a combined total of 132.6m. For team Pan-Am, Geoff Dolan and Travis Ortmayer come out and complete a distance of 122.6m. Team Pan-Am went farther but was told to drop the stone by the head referee because Travis stepped on the marker line. The teams are now tied, and it will now come down to the last event, the Pole Push.

"For the fifth and final event, Jon, Travis, and Van Hatfield are going for Team Pan Am, and Heinz, Zydrunas, and Andrus are for team Europe. On the first pole push, both teams go the full 90 seconds, but team Europe is the aggressor in the event and gets the win. In the second pole push, the team takes out Van and puts in Geoff. Team Europe is the aggressor again and gets the win. Team Europe takes the win for The IFSA Team World Championships. Team Pan-America comes in second."

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