IFSA Team World Championships: Team Europe vs. Team Scandinavia

IFSA-USA President Dione Wessels filed this report of the IFSA Team World Championships, covering Team Europe vs. Team Scandinavia..

"Team Europe, with Zydrunas, Raimonds Bergmanis, Heinz Ollesch, and Andreas Murumets faced Team Scandinavia, which consisted of Magnus Magnussen (Iceland), Juha Pekka Aitala (Finland), and Tommi Lotta (Finland) and Rene Minkvitz (Denmark); Rene Minkvitz does not come in due to injury prior to the competition. The first event was the Strongman Wrestling. Tommi Lotta and Andreas Murumets. Tommi takes the first win of three. Andreas wins the next two bouts giving the win to Team Europe.

"The second event is the Pole push. For team Europe, it is Heinz Ollesch, Zydrunas, and Raimonds Bergmanis VS. Team Scandinavia with Tommi Lotta, Magnus Magnussen, and Juha Pekka Aitala. The first push goes for well over a minute, as Tommi Lotta does a great job as the anchor for Scandinavia. He stepped to the side, and Team Europe forced them out of the ring. So Europe wins the first of three. In the second Pole Push, Magnus Magnussen gets injured because he is standing too upright, and the win goes to Team Europe again.

"The third event of the day is the two man stone carry. Tommi Lotta and Juha Pekka Aitala come out. Together, they complete a distance of 88m. For team Europe, Raimonds Bergmanis and Andreas Murumets come out for Team Europe. They complete a distance of 77m, and the win goes to Team Scandinavia.

"The fourth event is the MHP Stone Lift. Team Europe consist of all three members except Zydrunas. They complete five stones in a time of 82.68, and now team Scandinavia comes out and complete the stones in a time of 75.73 seconds. The score is now tied 30 to 30.

"The final event is the log press. Team Europe sends out Zydrunas, Heinz Ollesch, and Bergmanis. They complete five repetitions. Team Scandinavia sends out only Tommi Lotta, and Juha Pekka Aitala. Magnus Magnussen comes out with, but does not attempt to lift due to a strained bicep. The two individuals show a lot of HEART and almost presses out the weight, but without success. Team Europe wins 40 to 35 over Scandinavia. Team Europe and Team Pan-America compete in the finals later this afternoon."

Sorry for delay in this report, but internet problems on location kept Dione Wessels from getting it to IronMind® when she originally filed it on Thursday. Also, please note that Magnus Magnusson is Benedikt Magnusson's brother, not Magnus Ver Magnusson.

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