IFSA Team World Championships: Final List of Competitors...

The final list of competitors for the 1999 IFSA Strongman Team World Championships, to held in Panya, China October 8th - 10th, was confirmed today. Teams were announced as follows.

Finland: Jouko Ahola & Janne Virtanen

Sweden: Magnus & Torbjorn Samuelsson

Holland: Berend Veneberg & Wout Zijlstra

Poland: Jaroslaw Dymek & Mariusz Pudzianowski

RSA: Gerrit Badenhorst & Peter De Bruyn

Canada: Hugo Girard & Ed Brost

Atlantic Islands: Regin Vagadal & Torfi Olafsson

Hungary: Laszlo Fekete & Ferenz Weinteger

The Chinese team will feature two competitors new to the international strongman circuit, and will be drawn from the recently held "Strongest Man in China" competition, which was a huge success and drew a crowd of approximately 20,000 people.

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