IFSA Team World Championships

Dione Wessels filed this report from the IFSA Team World Championships today.

"The first event for the IFSA Team World Championships was the three-man Log Lift for reps. Team North America, which consisted of Jon Andersen, Van Hatfield, Geoff Dolan, and Travis Ortmayer was up first, and they put up a solid 11 repetitions. Team World, which consisted of Eddy Ellwood (UK), Mark Felix (Grenada), Mikhail Kokliav (Russia), and Adam Daraz (Hungary), finished with 9 repetitions in the log.

"The second event was the strongman wrestling. Van Hatfield comes out for Team North America, and Mikhail Kokliav for Team World. This event is the best two out of three. Mikhail is faster, and Van goes down first, giving the first win to team world. In the second match, the same two guys go, but Van is faster and gets Mikhail down, so they are tied 1-1. In the third match, Van goes down, so the win goes to Team World and the score is now tied.

"The third event is the Pole Push. Van, Travis and Jon go in for team North America, and Adam Daraz, Mikhail, and Eddy Ellwood go for Team World. Team North America wins the first and the second out of three in this event. The score is now 25-20, Team North America is winning.

"The fourth event is the Two Man Stone Carry. The Island stone is 175 kilograms for a max distance. Mikhail Kokliav and Adam Daraz they complete a total distance of 111.5 meters. For Team North America, Jon Andersen and Geoff Dolan goe for a distance of 117.4 meters for the win!!!! Team North America may have sealed up the win, but there is still one more event left.

"The MHP Stones is the fifth and final event. Team World sends out Adam Daraz for the first and fourth stone, Mark Felix for the second stone, Mikhail Kokliav for the third stone, Mark for the fifth stone, and Mikhail for the fifth stone. Mikhail struggles a bit with the fifth stone before the time runs out. Team World is credited with 5 stones in a time of 103.26 second.

"Team North America sends out Travis Ortmayer to do the first five stones and he completes them in a time of 38.80 seconds. Van Hatfield comes out to do the 6th stone, and gets it in his lap and to the platform before the stone falls to the ground twice.

"Team North America wins 45 points to 30 and will be in the finals tomorrow. The stone weights were 130k, 140k, 150k, 160k, 170k, and 180k. Tomorrow, it's Team Europe with Zydrunas, Raimonds Bergmanis, Heinz Ollesch, and Andreas Murumets versus Team Scandinavia, which consist of Magnus Magnussen (Iceland), Juha Pekuta (Finland), Tommi Lotta (Finland) and Rene Minkvitz (Denmark)."

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