IFSA Team European Championship...

Eight teams will compete in the IFSA Team European Championship in Kokkola, Finland on August 25th and 26th. 1) Finland: Janne Virtanen and Sami Heinonen 2) Finland: Pasi Paavisto and Juha Rasanen 3) Sweden: Magnus and Torbjorn Samuelsson 4) Poland: Mariuz Pudianowski and Jarek Dymek 5) Scotland: Jamie Barr and Brian Bell 6) Holland: Berend Veneberg and tbd 7) Norway: Svend Karlsen and tbd 8) Iceland: tbd, based on the Icelandic nationals.

Seven "very heavy events" are planned, and when they say "heavy" in Finland, it's very serious. The contest will be held outdoors, and 15,000 spectators are expected. Chad Coy (USA) has been named as one of the testers.

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