IFSA TV Shows: Christian Fennell Is Upbeat

IFSA Managing Director Christian Fennell told IronMind® that what IFSA has achieved with its upcoming TV shows has never before been seen in the sport.

Fennell, who came into strongman with a background in producing extreme sports, said that the IFSA shows are the culmination of a series of steps forward. Event coverage itself, Fennell said, has never been the weak point, but covering the competitors "has not been properly addressed." Fennell said that in addition to really zeroing in on each competitor, the IFSA shows will strengthen the other soft spot, "how it's shot," and he said that by having used a variety of new-to-the-sport tools such as specialty cams, the resulting shows are spectacular.

Thirteen one-half hour shows are being made, Fennell said, and they will include the three IFSA continental championships this year, along with the IFSA world championships and the forthcoming world team championships, which are set for St. Maarten December 10 - 17. In addition to the broadcast shows, a one-hour best-of program will be made, Fennell said.

As far as the broadcast shows, Fennell said, "We're on target to reach 350,000,000 households per episode."

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