IFSA Super Series: 2004 - 2005

Continuing to grow, the IFSA Super Series will hit new heights in its 2004 - 2005 season, and the winner will be crowned as the IFSA world champion at the 2005 Arnold Expo.

With Ulf Bengtsonn as its prime architect, the IFSA Super Series is not a series of individual contests, but a way to assess who was the top performer, overall, across the prestigious strongman events. The coveted slots for each Super Series event will be filled with the top six strongman competitors, along with some local stars and wild cards.

Rumor has it that Americans Karl Gillingham, Mark Philippi, Steve Kirit and Brian Schoonveld are on the short list for the first Super Series event.  Prize money is said to be increasing substantially this year, and if that, along with the prestige, were not enough, this is the ticket to an invitation to the 2005 Arnold Strongman contest. For details on the IFSA Super Series, check their official web site.

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