IFSA Strongman is Sanctioning the Strongwoman World Championships

IFSA Strongman CEO Jussi Laurimaa has confirmed that IFSA will, in fact, be sanctioning the upcoming Strongwoman World Championships.

Talking about strongwoman, Laurimaa said the, "sport has struggled to find the right commercial format, but nevertheless forms an important part of the strongman fabric. As the custodian of the strongman sport globally, it falls onto IFSA strongman to maintain the cohesiveness of the sport by supporting all its integral parts, including the women's sport. Therefore, it is only natural that we award and sanction the IFSA Strongwoman World Champion title as well. Given that the inaugural event is staged by the two most senior members of our leadership team, Dr. Douglas Edmunds and David Webster, OBE, it will in no doubt be a big success."

As reported earlier by IronMind®, these IFSA Strongwoman World Championships are scheduled for July 13 - 14 in Glenarm, Northern Ireland, with the biggest names in the sport scheduled to compete.

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