IFSA Strongman Launching "Classical Disciplines"

Responding directly to IronMind's question about event design and contest structure, IFSA Strongman CEO Jussi Laurimaa said this "is one of the core competencies of IFSA Strongman."

While quick to applaud the introduction of professional management and substantial capital into the sport of strongman, concerns have arisen within the sport about whether such fundamental aspects of the sport as event design and contest structure would suffer as a result.

In response, Mr. Laurimaa said that the goal of IFSA Strongman is to maintain its competitions as "spectacular and extreme tests of strength," and he added that these are contests in which technique alone will not lead to victory.

In addition, Mr. Laurimaa explained, IFSA Strongman will be developing "standardized 'Classical Disciplines,'" which will 1) improve event records 2) help keep contests from favoring certain competitors and 3) provide a sharper focus for new athletes.

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