IFSA Leaders Coming to the U.S. ...

IFSA president Douglas Edmunds, Ph.D. and key IFSA official Jamie Reeves will visit the U.S. in January, with the goal of advancing the quality and structure of American strongman events. Edmunds, who envisions strongman developing into a true world class sport, is aiming to help establish a progressive structure for North American contests. While in the U.S., Edmunds and Reeves will meet with top U.S. strongman promoter Jim Davis to discuss the possibility of staging a North America versus Europe strongman competition, which would include both individual and team scoring. In addition, they will meet with Mark Philippi, who has been working to establish a major strongman competition in Reno, Nevada, a contest that might reach IFSA Grand Prix status. Discussions will also be held with Hugo Girard, who is putting on next year's IFSA Canada versus U.S.A. competition.

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