IFSA: Eurosport Series and 2007 Calendar

IFSA's top eight grand prix events will be the basis for 32 hours of programming on Eurosport this year, Christian Fennell told IronMind®.

Fennell, who is IFSA's Managing Director, emphasized that this series is in addition to what was already scheduled: 26 one-half hour programs that will reach one-half billion households. The Eurosport series will give IFSA coverage every two weeks for the year, said Fennell, and it will reach over 100 million households.

Also, watch for the 2007 IFSA calendar on the official IFSA website shortly, and Fennell told IronMind® that it includes 47 events with a combined prize list of $700,000. "It's all about putting on events and putting money in guys' pockets," said Fennell.

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