IFSA European Championships: Two World Records on Day 1

Zydrunas Savickas didn't earn his place as a MILO coverman for nothing - the three-time Arnold's Strongest Man winner just broke his own world record in the log lift during the first day of the IFSA European Championships in Riga, Latvia with a huge lift of 202.5 kg today, and after four events, he leads the contest going into the second day.

Andrus Murumets also broke a world record today, smoking through the farmer's walk in just over 50 seconds. This blazing time was more than five seconds faster than second-place finisher Savickas and more than eight seconds faster than third-place finisher Juha Rassasanen - both of whom also beat the old record of Elbrus Nigmatullin, "who until today [was] the only athlete capable of finishing the whole 75 meters," according to a high-ranking IFSA official.

Here's the top baker's dozen at the end of day one:

1. Zydrunas Savickas 64 points
2. Raimonds Bergmanis 51
3. Mikhail Koklayev 50.5
4. Andrus Murumets 48
5. Robert Schzepanski 44.5
6. Tommi Lotta 42
7. Alexander Pekanov 40.5
8. Agris Kazelnikis 39.5
9. Svend Karlsen 38.5
10. Jarno Hams 34
11. Magnus Samuelsson 29.5
12. Igor Pedan 29
13. Rene Minkwitz 29

Vasyl Virastuk and Juha Rassanen have both retired from the competition, which continues tomorrow.

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