IFSA Dutch Grand Prix Lineup...

"It's all champions—it's all winners.  I only want the best guys." So says Marcel Mostert, organizer of the prestigious IFSA Dutch Grand Prix, and when you look at who he's got, you know he's not blowing smoke. Mostert's competitive lineup comprises some of the biggest names on the international professional strongman circuit, and besides featuring established stars, it also includes some of the new champions: Berend Veneberg (Holland), Jouko Ahola (Finland), Gerrit Badenhorst (South Africa), Magnus Samuelsson (Sweden), Wout Zijlstra (Holland), Gustavo Bujades (Spain), Bill Pittuck (England), Remegus Kazenskes (Lithuania), Lazlo Fekete (Hungary), Bryan Neese (USA), and Regin Vagadal (Faeroe Islands). The contest is scheduled for July 24th in Hardenburg, The Netherlands.

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