IFSA : Blueprint Release Begins

In a widely-awaited announcement, IFSA Strongman has just released its first official statement on IFSA's vision for the future of strongman.

Douglas Edmunds, a founding father of the sport, said, "The revolution that we are now witnessing has been talked about for over two decades but is only now, with the assistance of InvestGroup Sports Management and real investment in the sport, actually beginning to happen. IFSA Strongman is finally in a position to stop the historical exploitation of the athletes by offering stable and quantifiable sponsorship platforms to brands, and by changing the televised aspect of the sport from 1980's travel commercials to the 2000's reality and entertainment based shows.

IFSA CEO Jussi Laurimaa said, "From a business perspective, there is no reason why IFSA Strongman could not do for the strongman sport what WWE did for pro-wrestling. There is an innate fascination in who is the strongest in all human cultures, and by being at the same time the manager of all the top athletes, the global governing body, and the key rights holder in the sport globally, IFSA Strongman is in a unique position among televised sports to capitalize on this latent demand."

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