IFSA Announces 38 Member Nations

IFSA President Christian Fennell told IronMind® today that IFSA has signed 38 full-time member nations so far for this year, a significant development since, as Fennell put it, "federations are the backbone of IFSA" and this is where the grassroots development of the sport begins.

To provide the highest level of talent and competition, Fennell said it's necessary "to cull athletes from the biggest base possible," and that's why having so many member nations is crucial. "The future stars of the sport are training in their garages or gyms right now," said Fennell, underlining the importance of having such a broad net at the grassroots level.

Eighty percent of these members have signed agreements to hold national championships in 2006, Fennell said, and from that level, the top competitors will advance up the "IFSA ladder of events."

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