IFSA: 105-kg Strongman Class Set, Call for Competitors

Douglas Edmunds confirmed today that the 105-kg category is set, and IFSA's Ilkka Kinnunen will be running the first major strongman competition with this body weight class in China this October.

The decision to move from a body weight limit of 100 kilos to 105 kilos was made in order to conform with the body weight class used for weightlifting in the Olympics, Edmunds said.

Because it will be tough to run proper qualifying contests in this inaugural year of the 105-kg class, Edmunds urges athletes who think they would be top competitors to contact the IFSA head of their geographical region: Jim Davis in the US, Hugo Girard in Canada, Ilkka Kinnunen in Scandinavia, Marcel Mostert in Central Europe and Douglas Edmunds anywhere else.

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