Huster Honored...

German weightlifting star Marc Huster was named this weekend as "Athlete of the Month" by Germany's most popular TV sports show, "Das Aktuelle Sport-Studio." Huster winning the honor was especially noteworthy since it usually goes to athletes in more widely popular sports such as soccer, track or cycling, but the decision was based on his stellar performance at the recent European Weightlifting Championships. Competing in the 85-kg category, Huster needed a massive 215 kg clean and jerk to win the gold medal in the total, after Georgi Gardev from Bulgaria had established a strong lead in the snatch (see MILO, Volume 7 - Number 1). Proving once again what a champion he is, Huster came through with a fine lift. Huster, long known not only for his superb lifting, but also for his dramatic victory celebrations, is a natural showman, and thus it was no surprise to hear that his television appearance was very well received.

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