Hugo Girard: "Strongman" Star Announces Canadian Triple-Header for 2004

World's Strongest Man (WSM) competitor and the defending IFSA Super Series champion Hugo Girard announced three major strongman competitions scheduled for Canada in 2004.

Girard, who is the president of IFSA-Canada, said that World Muscle Power is set for June 4, 5, 6; the North Bay Show, which will be part of the 2004 IFSA Super Series, is scheduled for July 30 and August 1, and the Balloon Festival is on the calendar for September 4, 5, 6. Girard, who is featured in the Alan Black documentary "Strongman," explained his role: "I'm the vehicle they use to tell the story," Girard said, although he was not directly involved in its production.

Girard's broad and famously-strong shoulders seem fully capable of bearing this responsibility, and for anyone interested in learning more about "Strongman," the online magazine Dolfzine has a review, which Girard described as "very honest."

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