Hugo Girard Leads Canada's Strongest Man Contest

At the end of the first day, Hugo Girard is leading Canada's Strongest Man.

Four events were contested today (arm-over-arm pull, deadlift, Atlas stones and power stairs): following are the places and points going into the second day of competition, tomorrow.

1. Hugo Girard 45 points
2. Christian Savoie 41
3. Jean-Francois Caron 39
4. Louis-Philippe Jean 36
5. Matt Parkes 28                                                                                                                                                                         
6. Jessen Paulin 28
7. Paul Vaillancourt 16
8. Scott Cummine 12
9. Jos Plante 11
10. Dany Frame 9
11. Grant Connors 8
12. Tyler Hildebrand 2

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