Hugo Girard Going Strong

Saturday morning, Hugo Girard did an exhibition for Harley Davidson and then later in the day, he was off to the DeWalt Night of Champions, which he organized and where, incidentally, he benched 740 pounds; and in a couple of days, he'll be on his way to compete in the WSMSS Mohegan Sun Grand Prix.

It's quite a schedule that Hugo Girard maintains, but he seems to be thriving on it. The 740 was a PR bench for Girard and - get this - he's not even in the peak strength period of his training cycle, as he has his sights fixed on really hitting his stride in September for the MET-Rx World's Strongest Man contest.

"It's been almost a year and half," Girard said, since he was injured at the 2005 Arnold Strongman competition, so "I'm starting all over again . . . it's almost like being brand new [to the sport]." His modesty aside, Girard is coming off setting a world record on the Inch Dumbbell and now his PR bench press, so when he admits to being "fairly strong everywhere," it sounds like an understatement.

The personable powerhouse will be in the star lineup of strongmen competing at the Mohegan Sun on June 1, so if you are there, and come to the meet-and-greet area immediately following the contest, you can say hello in person - maybe ask Hugo for tip on boosting your pressing power while you have the chance.

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