Hugo Girard Cleans and Presses Inch Dumbbell: Two Next?!

Canadian Strongman Hugo Girard, who cleaned and pressed a replica Inch Dumbbell over the weekend, said he's aiming to do one in each hand next.

Girard, a leading figure on the professional strongman circuit, said that after pulling it "straight up to my shoulder," he pressed it quite easily.

Noting that, "It wasn't my best clean," Girard said that he was surprised that the press wasn't harder, since he said the dumbbell felt quite heavy at the shoulder. 

Girard is known for having some of the strongest shoulders around, so nobody would expect him to have much trouble pressing the Inch dumbbell overhead, but what's coming next is sure to get everyone's attention: Girard said that he will start training to clean and press a pair of Inch dumbbells simultaneously, something nobody has yet achieved.

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