Hossein Rezazadeh Wins IWF Superheavyweight Gala - Stian Grimseth Cup

Iran's Hossein Rezazadeh easily won the IWF Superheavyweight Gala–Stian Grimseth Cup in Foerde, Norway yesterday with a 205-kg snatch and a 250-kg clean and jerk.

Rezazadeh snatched 190, 200 and 205 kg "with ease," according to ace Norwegian weightlifting reporter Per Mattingsdal.  Rezazadeh followed with two "easy" clean and jerks, 240 and 250 kg, to claim the first place prize of US$4,000.

Although he is said to be capable of breaking the world records at any time, Rezazadeh appears to be saving his next huge effort for the world championships later this year in Canada.  Russia's Andrei Chemerkin was second (185/240) and Norway's Stian Grimseth was third (180/195).

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