Hooray for Jimenez

(Sydney) From her first lift, Mexico's Soraya Jimenez was supported by a vocal group of supporters, but few would have guessed that they were just warming up.

After banging out three successful snatches and ending up with 95, Jimenez must have decided that she liked white lights, because she made her first two clean and jerks, let everyone else finish, and then she called for the 127.5 that would give her the gold in the women's 58-kg category of weightlifting at the Olympics. After a tough clean, Jimenez fought for a good jerk, and the gold medal was hers. Ri (PRK) was second, with a 220 total, and Suta (THA) was third, with a 210 total.

Earlier in the day, China's Yang Xia dominated the women's 53-kg category, only taking five attempts, but breaking five world and five Olympic records en route to a gold medal with a 225 kg total. Li (TPE) won the silver with a 212.5 total and Slamet (INA) won the bronze with 202.5 kg.

The men had the day off, but the stage is set for 69-kg category tomorrow.

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