Holle House Rules for Bending

Gavin Holle helped ignite tremendous interest in bending when he destroyed an IronMind Red™ Nail last summer, getting his name added to the Red Nail™ Roster, and the field appears poised for some tremendous performances in the near future.

Although bending has always been of great interest to practitioners such as John Brookfield in the US and English grip man David Horne, until recently, it enjoyed only fairly limited popularity. Following in Gavin Holle's footsteps, Craig Holle, Jay Holle and Pat Povilaitis have all been certified as officially bending an IronMind™ Red Nail recently, and the field appears poised for even more activity in the future. The Holle brothers, whose performances on grippers are staggering, are quietly producing equally-stunning achievements in terms of bending.

Just as other benders have been quick to adopt the style used by Gavin Holle to great benefit, you might find it useful to emulate two Holle house rules for making a legitimate bend. "We only allow one continuous attempt at a nail, no pauses for a rest and a limit of about 40 seconds," said Nathan Holle. Give this a try and enjoy the boost it gives your own bending.

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