Holland Wins IFSA World's Strongest Team

In front of a crowd of 3,500 people, Holland won the IFSA World's Strongest Team (two-man) title this weekend in Sarvar, Hungary.

This was the "second time in the 25 years of Dutch strongman history," said Marcel Mostert, "after Berend [Veneberg] and Wout [Zjilstra] did it in 1998 in Hardenberg, Holland."

"We did 5 events," reported Mostert:

-Atlas stones until 190 kg
-Wheel flip with 515-kg tyre
-Farmer's walk with 140 kg
- Medley with Husafell stone 180 kg
- Powerstairs with 150-, 220- and 300-kg blocks"

"It was amazing to see how the son of Laszlo Fekete pick up a 190-kg Atlas stone and put it on the platform (must be in the genes!), and also how he did a perfect wheel flip, where other teams really struggled with the 515-kg heavy tyre!," said Mostert. "The show will be broadcasted at 22 September on Eurosport."

Here are the final places and points:

1 - HOLLAND - 42 points (Jarno Hams and Edwin Hakvoort)
2 - HUNGARY - 41 (Laszlo Fekete and his 22-year-old son L-Fekete)
3 - FINLAND - 37.5 (Tomi Lotta and Juha Rasanen)
4 - ENGLAND - 30.5 (Olli Thompson and Eddie Elwood)
5 - SLOVENIA - 27.5
6 - SOUTH AFRICA - 24.5
7 - AUSTRIA - 24
8 - DENMARK - 21.5
9 - FRANCE -16.5
10 - SPAIN - 10.5

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