Highlander World Championships: Official Results . . . Sebastian Wenta Called "Best on the Planet"

IronMind® has just received the official results from the Highlander World Championships, where, once again, Sebastian Wenta emerged victorious - showing that it's not mere words when Douglas Edmunds calls Sebastian Wenta "the best on the planet" at combined Highland Games and strongman events.

Saying that the Highlander Games are "unique in the world" as they bring together the Highland Games and strongman, "blending sport and culture," Douglas Edmunds was also quick to point out what he sees as the tremendous entertainment value of the mix, emphasizing that this year's program will result in three hours of television.

Edmunds, a former Highland Games competitor and promoter, who went on to earn recognition as something of a godfather figure in strongman, has moved on, saying that this - the Highlander Games - "is the future."

The contest was structured with two qualifying heats of eight men each, with the top four from each heat advancing to the finals. Here are the final places and points, officially:

1. Sebastian Wenta 40 points
2. Scott Rider 32 points
3. Gregor Edmunds 30 points
4. Johannes Arsjo, Wout Zjilstra (tie) 26 points
6. Sean Betz 23 1/2 points
7. Kyrylo Chuprynin 23 points
8. David Barron 19 1/2 points

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