Highland Games Update: Halkirk and Killian

Francis Brebner continues to keep IronMind News readers up to date on the latest from the Scottish Highland Games circuit - following is a report on the action from the Halkirk Highland Games and the Killian Highland Games.
 Chieftain of the Games David Webster O.B.E. is surrounded by heavies at the 2011 Killian Highland Games.  IronMind® | Stuart Anderson photo.
Chieftain of the Games David Webster O.B.E. is surrounded by heavies at the 2011 Killian Highland Games.  IronMind® | Stuart Anderson photo.

Halkirk and Killian Highland Games
By Francis Brebner
Two recent Highland Games in Scotland kept the Scottish and international athletes on task making noteworthy throws and breaking ground records.
One of the most publicized Games in Scotland, the Halkirk Highland Games pulled in record crowds of more than 10,000 spectators who came from all over the northeast in Scotland in perfect weather conditions.  More than 15 athletes participated and ground records tumbled throughout the day’s competition.
USA’s Rusty Price was on fire in both the 22-lb. and the 16-lb. shot, ripping out big throws and establishing two ground records.  In the 22-lb. shot, Price’s 49’ 8” broke the old record of 49’ 7” set by Australia’s legendary Matt Sandford.  In the 16-lb. shot Price landed a put of 55’ 10” to break the record of 55’ 6” held by his mentor Ryan Vierra.
Cool cat Price continued to dominate in the 56-lb. weight-for-distance with a PR throw of 45’ 9” for the win.  A dingdong battle between Mike Pockoski (USA) and Price in the 28-lb. weight-for-distance ended with Pockoski coming out on top with a throw of 83’ 6”.
Pockoski went on to take both hammers, with 132’ 5” in the 16-lb. hammer and 111’ 7” in the 22-lb. hammer.
Pockoski and Sam Grammer (USA) lit up the 56-lb. weight-over-bar with some great throwing, both tying for first place at 15’ 6”.  Grammer went on to first in the caber with an 11:55 toss.
The final event, the 16-lb. sheaf toss, was a tie at 33’ between Price and Pockoski.  Third place was also a tie between the senior champion Alistair Gunn of Scotland and Grammer at 28’.

When all was said and done, Pockoski came out on top overall, with Price in second and Sinclair Patience (Scotland) third.
At the Killian International Highland Games, in a day of big crowds, big throws and scorching heat, Scotland’s Craig Sinclair established two new ground records.  The Games were officially opened by the Chieftain of the Games David Webster O.B.E.
Poland’s Lucasz Wenta took first place in both the 16-lb. and the 22-lb. shots with some world-class throws:  58’ 4” and 46’ 11” respectively.
Sinclair stepped up to win the 28-lb. weight-for-distance with a very dynamic throw with a dour weight of 81’ 11”.  USA’s Rusty Price took the 56-lb. weight-for-distance with 39’ 10”.
The 16-lb. hammer was a close event, won by Price at 129’.  Sinclair upped the ante in the 22-lb. hammer, pulling out a superb 116’ 3” for the win and establishing a ground record.
The caber ended in a mass first equal between Lorne Colthart, Neil Elliott, Steven King and Sebastian Wenta.  The final event with the 56-lb. weight-over-bar was exciting to watch as the Polish brothers L. and S. Wenta tied at 16’ 6”.


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