Highland Games: Bruce Robb Wins at Blair Castle

A Scottish castle and the Atholl Highlanders—what a setting for the Blair Atholl Highland Games, ably won by Bruce Robb.

2011 Blair Atholl Highland Games
by Francis Brebner
The 2011 Blair Atholl Highland Games were held on grounds of majestic Blair Castle and attracted more than 5,000 spectators despite the blustery winds and rain showers and only brief patches of sunshine.
The Atholl Highlanders, the oldest and the only private regiment in Scotland, provided colourful entertainment in the opening march parade and the firing of the cannon, which signaled the official opening of the Games.  Some of the Highlanders even took to the dancing boards where they did several Highland dances that the crowd enjoyed.

A total of eight heavy athletes competed in five traditional events, the first of which was the 16-lb. hammer with a clean sweep for Scotland.  Won by Craig Sinclair with a throw of 130’ 5”, Lorne Colthart garnered second place at 129’ 3”, Bruce Robb third at 117’ 9” and John McLeod fourth at 115’ 5”.
In the 16-lb. open stone, England’s David Dowson took the win with 51’ 3” over Robb, who placed second with 49’ 10”; in third place was Colthart with 48’ 2” and in fourth, Willie Faulkner at 45’ 9”.

In the 28-lb. weight for distance, Sinclair dominated with a throw of 79’ 11”.  Six feet behind was Robb on second spot at 73’ 8”.   In third place was McLeod at 68’ 9” and in fourth Faulkner at 66’ 5”.

With a caber 18’ long and 140 lb., Robb secured the win with a 12:00 toss, with Sinclair and Colthart tying for second place with 11:45.  Stuart Anderson landed in fourth place with a 10:30 toss.

The final event, the 56-lb. weight over the bar, was taken by Robb at a height of 15’ 6”, followed by Sinclair in second at 15’.  Colthart was third at 14’ and Pete Hart fourth at 13’.

Overall points:

1. Bruce Robb 26.0
2. Craig Sinclair 23.5
3. Lorne Colthart 17.5
4. John McLeod 10.5


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