Guinness Strongman World Record: Zydrunas Savickas Beats Mariusz Pudzianowski

“Yesterday, there was a battle between Zydrunas Savickas and Mariusz Puzianowski,” Marcel Marcel reported to IronMind®, describing how the two top strongmen went head-to-head in a duel for Guinness strongman world record.

This competition was recorded in Rome, Mostert explained, for the Guinness World Records TV show, which will be broadcast in May.

Mostert said that Mariusz Pudzianowski “ran with a 300-kg barbell on his neck [covering] 60 meters in 60 seconds,” while Zydrunas Savickas “did 70 meters in 60 seconds, and [added] a new [world] record to his name.”

Incidentally, these distances were posted “with a turn at every 10 meters.”

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