Grippermania: Supportive Environment, Strong Growth

George Champlin's interest in grippers and grip-related topics, along with a desire to create a positive online meeting place for like-minded individuals, led to the creation of, which appears to the be fastest growing grip-related board, and with a membership of 898 at latest count, some feel that it will soon be the largest active board in this area - despite the fact that it's relatively new.

Founder George Champlin told IronMind®, "Grippermania's mission is to engage in productive discussions on grip training and encourage its members to reach new levels of hand strength through the free exchange of ideas and advice," and comments about the site from members of the grip community focus on how it provides a positive environment. Also setting it apart, grippermania seems to have the support of the leaders in the field, which gives it added credibility and resources.

Incidentally, showing the community spirit in this group, when founder George Champlin's daughter needed a little extra financial support for her cheerleading, two grip guys - John Beatty and Dale Harder - jumped in to help support her cause by donating equipment to be auctioned.

If you're interested in grip-related topics and haven't already stopped by, take a look at Grippermania's website.

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