Grippermania: Grand for Good Reason

"It's not about group cliques; it's about gripper handle clicks!" Grippermania founder George Champlin told IronMind®, explaining the philosophy of what might be the most popular grip board on the worldwide web. Grippermania quickly exceeded the 1000-member mark and its success seems attributable to its open, constructive perspective.

Champlin thanks his board's sponsors and he said, "My staff is devoted to having a board that allows open thoughts on training and is out to promote the sport of grip. As we say it's not about group cliques; it's about gripper handle clicks! And most of all the sport itself is growing and we at went out to other sport boards to promote grip strength such as MMA, weightlifting, arm wrestling, etc. to show that the sport of grip was not just about closing grippers and lifting the Rolling Thunder. That's why we have had to add new sections to our board just for these people because they have come to realize how important grip strength is in their field. Our next area is to talk to firemen about the importance of great grip strength. I know if I am hanging from a building I want the person saving me to have the grip of a Gorilla!"

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