Grip World Update

Todd Kartchner told IronMind that he will holding the 2005 USAWA Eric Townsend Memorial Southwest Gripfest in Tempe, Arizona on November 5.

"Captain of Crush Eric Townsend passed away last year," Kartchner said. "He and I were going to put on a grip competition together, and now that he's gone, it seems appropriate to hold one in his honor."

"The events will include handgrippers, two hand pinch, one hand deadlift with 2-inch diameter barbell, rectangular fix, one hand vertical lift, and middle-fingers deadlift. A barbeque lunch will be served, and there will be an informal bending competition during lunch as well," said Kartchner.

For more details, please contact Todd Kartchner at:

The Diesel Crew's Jim Smith said that with a week to go, all the pieces are coming together for the 2005 Global Grip Challenge.

Smith mentioned that Richard Sorin, the first man certified on a No. 3 Captains of Crush® Gripper and an inspiration to countless grip guys, will be there and, "serving as a guest judge in some events."

Jim Smith and his partner Jedd Johnson have been working hard make this contest a big success, and Smith said, "The winner will be someone who possesses overall hand strength as the events points are weighted evenly."

Bob Lipinski and Brian Carlton are forging ahead with the grip federation they are forming.

Brian Carlton had initially told IronMind® that he and Bob were, "in the process of developing a small grip federation. Nothing fancy for now. We just want to get together a loose group of contest promoters, share a general list of lifts, records, and rules of performance. We can see what any additional needs might be from there if it takes off. Bob and I are still in the early discussion phase of this, but I think that we're onto something good that won't get bogged down in complications and minutiae."

Well, things are moving forward, and Bob added that, "work is going steadily on the proposed grip federation. Brian and I are in the process of drafting up a set of rules, and should be done shortly." Bob also mentioned the list of US grip competitions that is posted at

and said that this should not be seen as the finished product, explaining, "it is a start, though!"

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