Grip Strength: Finnish Open

"The 1st Finnish Open Grip Strength Championship takes place in Lahti, Finland on October 3," contest organizer Sakari Selkäinaho told IronMind®, pairing the "the biggest grip strength event in Europe with Scandinavia's biggest strength and fitness event, the Fitness Expo."

According to the official announcement, "The competition has four events; the first two are qualifiers. The promoter has picked up the most popular events with a lot of variety. They test static, dynamic and most of all maximal grip strength on single- and two-arm events."

Here are the events:

1. Rolling Thunder® "An IronMind® classic that tests everything on grip strength. Fingers, palm and forearm. Now with a new improved handle." 11 a.m.

2. Europinch: "This event is a pinch grip of max weight on an apparatus that is lifted to 42-cm height. The effort is in your fingertips, literally." 11:30 a.m.

After the first two events, eight best go to finals.

3. Captains of Crush® Grippers: "The #1 gripper in the world needs no further introduction. The Rolls Royce of grippers is done by both hands and strictly under the IronMind® rules, using the card." 4:00 p.m.

4. Apollon's Axle Deadlift: "Apollon's Axle is mostly known from strongman competitions but it is an excellent grip tool." 4:30 p.m.

"This grip event has good prizes. The winner gets invited to Arnold Classic to prove his grip strength there, maybe in front of 10,000 people! He also gets a one-year sponsorship from a fast-rising supplement company that will be published later. The top three get prize money and beautiful swords plus a team spot on our national or international team including a bronze level sponsorship," continued the official announcement from Sakari Selkäinaho.

All competitors must send their entries in by September 1 to:

SS Power OY
Sakari Selkäinaho
Mannilantie 27

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