Gregor Edmunds Wins Scottish Professional Highland Games Championships

Highland Games professional Gregor Edmunds is on a roll.

Scottish Professional Heavyweight Championships, Crieff, Perthshire by Francis Brebner

Gregor Edmunds may have had a bad start to the season with a herniated disc in his lower back, but he is making up for it by having a great ending to the season. Only last weekend Edmunds returned victorious from Fergus, Canada where he won the overall championships.

And this weekend in front of 9,000 spectators, Edmunds did it again, winning the Scottish Professional Heavyweight Championships at Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, for a fourth time.

The 16-lb. shot put got off to a good start for Australia's Aaron Neighbour, who was in a league of his own, winning with a 55' 6" putt; the nearest to him was Bruce Aitken at a distance of 51' 5" for second, with Edmunds in third at 51' 3-1/2".

Again in the 22-lb. open shot, Aaron Neighbour triumphed with a 46' 7" putt for his second win of the championships; Edmunds was in second at 44' 9" and Bruce Robb in third at 44' 6-1/2".

Going into the third event of the day, the world record-holder in the 16-lb. hammer, Bruce Aitken, produced the goods with a mighty throw of 138' 2" for the win over the former record-holder Stephen King, who placed second at 132' 9", with Edmunds staying in the top three with a 128' 3-1/2" throw.

The 22-lb. hammer produced the same placings, one, two, three, with Aitken again dominating with a throw of 114' 6", King in second place again at 110' 7", and Edmunds in third at 106' 3-1/2".

Halfway through the competition, Bruce Aitken was leading in points overall, but that was all to change in the next event, the 28-lb. weight for distance. Edmunds took the win with a distance of 80' 2-1/2", with Bruce Robb in second at 77' 9", and Neighbour in third at 77' 7-1/2".

The 56-lb weight over the bar was a close competition, with Neighbour taking the win at 15' 6" over Edmunds and Canada's Darius Slowik, who tied at 15' 3" for second.

The final event of the championships was the open caber, 18.6 ft. long and 135 lb., which was dominated by Edmunds for first place; Aitken came in second and Robb third.

The overall placings were first Edmunds, 33.5 points; second Aitken at 28; and third Neighbour at 27.

The next major venue for Edmunds will be the Royal Braemar Gathering on 6 September, where he will be competing in front of the Queen and 20,000 adherent spectators. The field will include an international line-up of heavy athletes. It will be interesting to see if Edmunds can keep up his run of victories as the Royal Braemar Gathering draws near and duplicate the feat of his father, Douglas Edmunds, by winning both the Royal Braemar Games and the Norman Murray Braemar Caber Championships on the same day.

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