Gregor Edmunds Wins Highlander Challenge World Championships

Gregor Edmunds took top honors at the Highlander Challenge World Championships held at Glenarm Castle in Northern Ireland this past weekend.

The Highlander Challenge is a hybrid that draws events from both the traditional Highland Games and from strongman, a concept developed by Douglas Edmunds he retired from organizing strongman/strongman contests.

“Gregor Edmunds wins his first Highlander Challenge World Championship in style—beating title holder and arch rival Sebastian Wenta,” Linda Edmunds told IronMind, as she summarized the results:

Day 1

• "Hammer won by Gregor Edmunds with a throw of 128 ft. 3in.
• Stone Putt won by Scott rider with a throw of 57 ft. 9 in.
• 56-lb. Weight for Height Mike Zolkiewicz tied with Gregor Edmunds with a throw of 15 ft. 6 in.
• Caber won by Gregor Edmunds

The competition had to be curtailed at this point due to adverse weather conditions."

Day 2

•"Rock Lift: 4 stones by Vytautas Lalas in 24.35 secs
• 28-lb. Weight for Distance : won by Gregor Edmunds with a throw of 86ft 1 1/2 ins
• Caber for distance: won by Scott Rider
• Pole Push: Gregor Edmunds eventually won through and defeated Sebastin in the final bout.
• Sheaf Pitch: Mike Zolkiewicz with a toss of 29 ft."

Here are the overall points, officially:

1. Gregor Edmunds (Scotland) 84.5
2. Sebastian Wenta (Poland) 66.5
3. Scott Rider (England) 65.5
4. Mike Zolkiewicz (USA) 64.0
5. Hans Lolkema (Holland) 47.5
Neil Elliot (Scotland) 47.5
7. Oskars Brugemanis (Latvia) 36.0
8. Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania) 33.5
9. Gary Hagen (Scotland) 25.5
10. Jonathan Kelly (Ireland) 24.5


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