Gregor Edmunds Wins Big at the Colonial Highland Games (Fair Hill, Maryland)

“As part of our 50th year celebrations, we had Gregor Edmunds from Glasgow, Scotland compete,” Jonathan Finnie told IronMind®.  Finnie, who is a director of the Scottish Games Society, described Edmunds’ performance in Fair Hill, Maryland yesterday as “world class.”

Gregor Edmunds (right) receives his trophy for winning the 2010 Colonial Highland Games (Fair Hill, Maryland) from Jonathan Finnie.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Jonathan Finnie.
Gregor Edmunds (right) receives his trophy for winning the 2010 Colonial Highland Games (Fair Hill, Maryland) from Jonathan Finnie.  IronMind® | Courtesy of Jonathan Finnie.

Edmunds wasn't without company in terms of big performances, though: From a standing start, Mike Zolkiewicz hit 18' in the weight for height, with David Barron hitting 17', and Harrison Bailey III kept the pressue on Edmunds to the very end.

David Barron filed this report with IronMind®.

Gregor Edmunds Delivers A Commanding Performance at the Fair Hill Highland Games
by David W. Barron

The Scottish Games Association of Delaware celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Colonial Highland Gathering at Fair Hill Race Track in beautiful Fair Hill, Maryland on Saturday, May 15,  and witnessed one of the most spectacular heavy athletics competitions ever held in its long history.

Throwing in front of a crowd of close to a thousand spectators, which included past champions Steve Pulcinella, Ed McComas and Paul Ferency, 2007 World Highland Games Champion Gregor Edmunds of Scotland delivered a commanding performance, winning the heavy hammer, stone putt, 28-lb. weight for distance and caber.  In the 16-lb. stone putt, Gregor blasted out a throw of 60 feet, one of the best performances ever in the history of this event and just three feet short of the world record, set by Brian Oldfield back in 1973.

Defending champion Harrison Bailey didn't go down without a fight, and pulled out victories in the 56-lb. weight for distance, with a new field record of 46' 4", the sheaf toss and the weight for height, where he spun the heavy iron over a height of 18' 10".

In the final outcome, Edmunds edged out Bailey by a single point for the overall, with Dave Barron and Mike Zolkiewicz tied for third place.

Following are the top three results in each event.

16-lb. stone
Edmunds: 60'
Bailey: 51'
Barron: 50'

22-lb. hammer
Edmunds: 115'
Bailey: 111'
Sam Grammer: 108'

56-lb. weight
Bailey: 46'4
Edmunds: 44'
Zolkiewicz: 43'5

28-lb. weight
Edmunds: 86'
Bailey: 85'
Barron: 78'


20-lb. Sheaf
Bailey: 30'
Edmunds: 28'
Mark Valenti: 28'

Weight for Height
Bailey: 18'10" (spinning)
Zolkiewicz: 18'
Barron: 17'                                                                  

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