Girard Leads in Canada

We are fortunate to have just received a report on Day 1 (just completed) at Canada's Strongest Man from Samuel Dube, Ph.D. and Hugo Girard is leading, with Jessen Paulin in second place.

Here is Sam's report:

"The first event of the day was the Arm-Over-Arm Hoist, using the now legendary apparatus straight from the Dolbeau-Mistassani World Muscle Power Championships. The weight was 1,340 lbs. with a 6:1 gear ratio. Hugo won the event handily. It started to rain heavily midway during Dominic`s effort; indeed, intermittent rain punctuated the show, necessitating frequent pauses during certain events. Unfortunately, Grant Connors suffered a moderate tear of his right biceps in this event, but attempted to participate in the other three anyway.

Dominic dominated Fingal`s Fingers, with Hugo coming in a close second and newcomer Danny Frame finishing all fives pillars as well for third place.

The third event, the squat, saw many fall by the wayside. The 700 lb. load was set up so that no bounces could be used. Hugo won the event with 7 reps while both Dominic and Louis-Phillippe fought out 6 reps each.

In the last event of the day, the Atlas Stones, only the current Canadian Champion, Jessen Paulin managed to do all five stones. Surprisingly, Hugo`s considerable lead was diminished when he was unable to place the third stone.

We predict a fierce battle tomorrow between Hugo, Paulin, Filiou, and Jean to determine the 2007 Canada`s Strongest Man!"

Here are the places and points after the first day:

1. Hugo Girard 40
2. Jessen Paulin 37
3. Dominic Filiou 36.5
4. Louis-Phillippe Jean 35.5
5. Christian Savoie 31
6. Daniel Frame 26.5
7. Chris Colonval 25.5
8. Scott Cummine 22.5
9. Matt Parkes 20.5
10. Joe Montgomery 18.5
11. Grant Connor 9.5
12. John Dungey 5

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